Ancient Art is an educational non-profit, non-commercial blog, which aims to promote the education of our ancient world.

All images used are either:

  • In the public domain
  • Used under the Creative Commons license
  • Personally taken by me, or submitted to me by followers
  • Allowed to be shared for non-commercial, educational use
  • Or permission from the owner has been specifically granted for use on the blog.

All original sources, owners, and photographers are fully attributed, and done so accordingly to the appropriate terms of use.

Likewise, the use of artifacts from museums is done so according to the specific policies of the museum. For instance the Louvre allows, “Non-commercial re-use” “provided the source and author are acknowledged,” while the Walters Art Museum state: “All photography on our website(s) is governed by Creative Commons Licensing and can be used without cost or specific permission. Artworks in the photographs are in the public domain due to age.”

If there is something featured that belongs to you, that you wish to be changed or taken down, let me know, and I will be happy to do so. You can email me on contactancientart@gmail.com.