Aboriginal rock art showing Wandjina figures at Truscott, the Kimberley, Western Australia.

Some suggest that the art dates back to the Pleistocene, however this is currently unable to be confirmed due to the difficulties of dating such rock art. A research paper on the topic I’d recommend is Maxime Aubert’s 2011 publication A review of rock art dating in the Kimberley, Western Australia.

Wandjina figures are some of the most visually striking of all images in Kimberley art.

The Worrorra, Wunambal, and Ngarinyin people of the north-western and central Kimberley say that the Wandjina are the creator beings of the Dreaming, and that they made their world and all that it contains. They are found in many rock art sites in caves and rock shelters throughout the Kimberley.

Aboriginal people believe that if the Wandjina are offended then they will take their revenge by calling up lightning to strike the offender dead, or the rain to flood the land and drown the people, or the cyclone with its winds to devastate the country. These are the powers which the Wandjinas can use. -Aboriginal Art Online

Photos courtesy & taken by Austronesian Expeditions.

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