Mesa Point trail, Boca Negra Canyon, Petroglyphs National Monument, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.

The following are segments from information signs around the trail:

Due to extended periods of drought, the Pueblo people searched for permanent sources of surface water that would sustain their agricultural lifestyle. Many people settled along the Rio Grande which provided an ample supply of water and fertile farmland. […] 

Petroglyphs represent a valuable record of cultural expression and human occupation in the Rio Grande valley. They have deep spiritual significance to modern Pueblo groups as well as other indigenous people such as the Diné (Navajo) and the Apache. Similar images continue to have value in contemporary ceremonial life for many Southwestern tribes.

The associated meanings of some petroglyphs are known by a few Southwestern tribal groups, while the direct meanings of other images have been lost over the centuries. […] Identification of some petroglyphs is based on interpretations by today’s Pueblo people. We cannot say for certain what all images represent, nor is it appropriate for modern Pueblos to reveal the meaning of an image to others. Various Pueblos have differing opinions on meanings and any single images may have complex or multiple meanings based on its context.

Photos courtesy & taken by Lisa Jacobs.

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